What Is A Panic Attack?

A panic attack is when you experience a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear. It’s typical for your heart to start pounding and you find it difficult to breath. If you don’t treat your panic attacks early you may develop a panic disorder. This can be harder to treat. In either case, the person experiences a sensation like they are going to die or they are going crazy. You can read more about the symptoms list here.

Panic attacks can strike out of the blue without any sort of warning. In most cases, there is no reason for the attack occurring. This is in most cases except for panic attacks caused by phobias. These have a clear cut reason which is the object or situation that the person fears. It’s common for people who suffer from panic attacks to be otherwise perfectly happy and healthy.

What Are Panic Attacks And Why Do They Happen?

Anxiety or panic related attacks can happen to anyone. Those who have one are more likely to have another. These can be frightening and come and go as they please. Although they do not provide you any physical harm, they can bring more emotional trauma when they happen. They will intensify very quickly and go away usually within a few minutes.

Those who suffer from panic attacks report feeling a fear of dying or suffocation. They have chest pain and believe they may be experiencing a heart attacks. Typically a trigger is a situation or something alike that brings on the attack. Those who have episodes will feel like they are going crazy and try to remove their selves from the trigger as quickly as possible.

Rapid breathing is very common in an individual having an attack. Nausea is also typical. A smothering sensation, dizziness, and a jumping heart beat are all reported during usual panic attacks. To read more about these symptoms, especially when they happen at night, visit http://nighttimepanicattacks.com today.

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